I found an exercise I like.

Don’t tell Pinboy, because then he’ll just make me do it everyday.  I hate dumbbells.  I have a hard time with them for some reason.  Last night, however, Pinboy had me work with something new to me:  a kettle ball.  I did very similar exercises to what he had me do with the dumbbells, but while the kettle ball was challenging and hard work, I felt better afterward when compared to how I felt after using the dumbbells.

So…say hello to my little friennnnnnnnd:

a aket

Sooner or later I’ll be doing this.  Well, it could be in the genes.


4 thoughts on “I found an exercise I like.

  1. Those remind me of the bouncing ball things we used to play with as kids. I always wanted one, but never got one. I was so deprived.

    Glad things are working out for you in the workout area so well, RT.

  2. Snigs
    Eh…those bouncy balls were so overrated. They were too much work.

    I’ll have to try those janda sit-ups. The one-legged squats? Not so much. 🙂 (Next time I work with the kettleball I’ll dub my trainer, Pavel. Heh.

    I ended finding a site for a guy in NJ who is a chiropractor that explains the physiology behind the exercises. I think I might tell my trainer about him. There were a couple of exercises I want to try because of the weaknesses I have from being a gimp for a few years.

    I actually felt great, today. My trainer is big on proper form and watches me carefully. He demonstrates the exercises before I do them, too. That’s a huge help. He started at my gym the day I signed up for training sessions. He was at the gym next to my apartment complex for eight years. (Funny…I was going to join that gym five years ago, but a couple of weeks after I visited, I became ill. Small world, huh?)

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