Weighin’ In

a acarYesterday, I was three pounds lighter than last Monday.  Unfortunately, every scale I get on, but mine (doctors’ and gym), has me eight pounds higher than my scale.  However, I have lost weight, and I will use my scale for now.  When I move, I will get a new scale.  The numbers might change, but my determination and weight loss will not.  I’ve lost weight, that’s what counts.

I had a surprise waiting for me at the gym, today.  Pinboy did my measurements.  He never did them, and I never wanted to remind him.  I felt bad that he had to get that close to my fatness.

Oy.  Well, at least he didn’t measure my chest.

I did manage to burn almost 350 calories in fifteen minutes on the treadmill, though.  The incline was set at 15 @ a speed of 2.5.  Talk about sucking wind.  Bet he makes me do the platform tomorrow.


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