Criminalilty and captions

a adumbI have always wondered at what point a stupid criminal hits rock bottom and jumps the shark.

Perhaps it is when he uses a Bud Light box as a mask.  I mean it is so last minute and poorly planned.  Nonetheless, it appears it is worth nine packs of cigarettes and about $50.

If the guy gets caught, I hope the loot is worth the time in jail…my guess, breaking probation will be added to his crimes.
(H/T:  UPI)

If you’d like to see this week’s winners for the caption contest, CLICK HERE.


2 thoughts on “Criminalilty and captions

  1. A Bud Light box? What a clown. Most criminals are idiots, and for that we should all be thankful.

    Hey, I won the caption contest! Cool. Thanks, RT.

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