Weighin’ In

a carIt’s been a little while, eh?

How’s two pounds down from this time last week sound?  Sounds good to me.  🙂

I’ve switched up the types of foods that I eat, so we’ll see what happens.  I have mold allergies, and that can be reflected in how I respond to certain yeast (and related sugary, floury–even fruit)  foods.  It is very limiting and a pain in the butt, but hopefully, I will reap major rewards.  This is something I’ve given to a lot of prayer, too.

Additionally, because of the sprained ankle, I’ve switched my times with the trainer to four half hours a week instead of two one-hour sessions.  I’m working just as hard, and I feel more motivated.

So….we’ll see….

Have a wonderful day, everyone!   🙂


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