Some thoughts I had…

ponderYesterday, while I was having one of my “fatigue” days and just watching the ministers on television, rather than getting my butt to church, I had a thought/question:  Why are we so willing to accept how others tell us we should live our lives?  We look to so-called experts, philosophers, highly educated folk, and we ask how we should live our lives, or we take their assertions about life and if we hear something we like, because it tickles our ears, we latch onto their opinions, based on their experiences and their human intelligence.  If we are so willing to do all of that, why do we spend so much time and energy rejecting God?  After all, His intelligence, power, knowledge, and true care for us (He’s not trying to sell books), far surpasses anything a mere human can offer.

People belong to one school of thought or another…all to follow a human.

Yeah, we need people to help cure our psychological and physical ills.  I think I’m more or less talking about just following things herd-like.  For example, people are so quick to cut down Christians, but they will follow someone who wrote Sci-Fi books and had wacky views on existence.  We are quick to think other people have all the answers, when in reality, the One who does, gets completely ignored.

I was also walking through the “Christianity” section of a book store yesterday, and I wondered what God thinks of the hyper-commercialization of his Word.  There are specialized devotional Bibles galore.  Is it about money or reaching others for God?  Is it getting blurred?

Eh…just some stuff rolling around in the noggin.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.  🙂


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