I will always win.

a ponderSometimes there are students who just don’t give a rat’s behind about school, a particular class, or good manners.  I have a student that fits all three.  He always falls asleep in my class.  He’s a math/science kid and thinks that my discipline is absolutely unnecessary.  We have a lot of kids that feel that way.  So, today, I ignored him rather than wake him up.  I was enjoying discussing literature with my kids and talking to them about how they felt about the end of the novel we just completed.

At the end of the class, I collected some work that the students did during our discussion and when the bell rang, dismissed them to lunch.  As everyone filed out of class, my sleepy charge continued to slumber without a care in the world.  I slowly packed up my stuff, grabbed a copy of the assignment that is due next class, and as I walked by the young man, I took his in-class assignment, placed the homework on his desk, and quietly left the room.  I was able to keep an eye on the room from another area during lunch.  He was there approximately 10-15 minutes (half the lunch period) before he woke up and went on with his day.

I’d have to say that was the best giggle I’ve had in a very long time.  🙂


2 thoughts on “I will always win.

  1. That evil you were feeling carried over to today? 😉

    Sounds like a good giggle for sure. Too bad you didn’t take pictures of his little confuzzled face as he woke up.

  2. I almost stayed in the room to grade papers just to see his reaction and then to give him a lecture…but I was hungry. Heh.

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