A loser and some caption contest winners…

a-aappleOn my header you will notice that I have added a new page.  It is about this really long journey of weight loss and overall improvement in my health.

The reason I have made the new page is because I’m struggling with a plateau that I have been at for almost two months.  I thought if I keep track of what I am doing a little more in an accountable and visual way for myself I might do better, especially when it comes to reflecting on what is going on with my progress.  (Handwritten journals don’t do it for me.)

I’ll probably put my weight updates there, too, but I’ll get back into the habit of posting them.  I guess the weekend is better, because I can’t seem to get my act together to post on Monday like I thought I would.  Frankly, I forget….not that my weight is going anywhere.

So, it is there if you want to read it.  If you don’t, then it is not on my front page to be a source of grrrrr for you.

I do have a plan, though.  Way back, before my thyroid went nutso and before I got into that nasty car accident, I managed to lose a ton of weight by eliminating certain foods from my diet.  I think it is time to try that again.  Pinboy and I are putting our heads together this week.  He wants me to go the gym-rat route of meal replacement, but those things have too much in them that I can’t have.

I think getting rid of the tyramine foods like my very wise grandmother told me to should work.  Prayers lifted to God.

We’ll see how this works.

As always, thanks for “listening”.  🙂

For something a little more enjoyable to read, GO SEE the winners of this week’s caption contest!  🙂


4 thoughts on “A loser and some caption contest winners…

  1. As long as I keep going down, I’m pretty happy. I’d like to lose more a little faster, though. More for my overall health than appearance.

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