Beep, beep

a-atruckIf you were to steal a truck, you’d want one that was capable of running, right?

Not these fools:

Authorities in Arkansas said two men were arrested by sheriff’s deputies who spotted them pushing a country pickup truck down the street.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said Cpl. Andy Hoots was leaving the department’s adult detention center Sunday when he spotted three men pushing a truck bearing a county logo down the road Sunday with a fourth man behind the wheel,The (Pine Bluff, Ark.) Commercial reported Wednesday.
(H/T:  UPI)

So, uh…what did they hope to do with the truck?  The county was using it for parts.  In the article the estimated value is stated as $500.  These tools had bail set at $2500 each.  Hmm…not only did they fail auto shop and drivers’ education, but also math.



6 thoughts on “Beep, beep

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way, but the way they do things in the south is just a wee bit different than how we do things up here.

    I’ve witnessed this first hand all my life spending summers in VA, living in NC and spending plenty of time in Tennessee.

    All that and yet I can’t wait to move down there! Yee haw!

  2. JohnD
    See, if criminals WEREN’T dumb, they’d actually have jobs.


    Well…I’ve been known to do that. HA! Yeah, dumb people make me feel good about myself. Sometimes that is necessary in life. HA!

    For you. For me? I just have to explain why merit pay shouldn’t be dependent upon dolts like them.

    Yeah. I would like to live down there, but God opened doors up here, so, it is here that I stay. (Really makes me sad. However, I’m really truly blessed.)

    I can’t imagine what happens in Philly.

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