Whatever I want Wednesday

Today, for “Whatever I want  Wednesday,” I thought I’d play a couple of songs that make me think of summer.  I think we can finally shake off winter, so enjoy!

(I love this song, but the video….eh, it’s okay.)

This song reminds me of the Jaycees carnival held every year.  Rarely did it not rain.  However, when we weren’t ducking the lightning display, this song was being blasted as we went from ride to ride….oh and the lemon treats…yummy lemon treats.


3 thoughts on “Whatever I want Wednesday

  1. I always read you on Wyatt’s site and at a few others I visit. I keep meaning to add you because you’ve got great insight and just wanted youto know – those sunflowers ROCK! Next to daisies, they are my absolute fave and I plant them every year.

    I hope you don’t object to me adding you.

    Take care.

  2. Woody
    Your link died a horrible death. I know the song, though. I listen to country music a fair bit. I think K.C. is poising himself to be Jimmy Buffet when Buffet buys the big salt shaker in the sky (or retires). It is a cash-cow of a niche. Chesney certainly creates a lot of excitement, that’s for sure.

    Thank you, and I shall add you! 🙂 Those sunflowers are stolen and cropped. I love flowers.

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