a-ahurtinYou know how your day is ending better than it started and you’re all happy?  Well, that is usually a good time to twist your ankle, knee, and wrist by falling into a hole covered up by tall grass.

It hurts to put pressure on my left foot/ankle area, but it is hardly swollen and isn’t bruised, so I’m thinking I just twisted it up really well.  (I’ve had a worse injury to that ankle and remember well what it looked like.)

Pray that I can go to work tomorrow without pain.  Thanks.  🙂

7 thoughts on “Oooops…

  1. Snigs
    I’ll have to wear an air-cast for 6-8 weeks. I can still go to the gym, though. I spoke to Pinboy, tonight, about it. I’m going to divide my two hours into four, half hour sessions a week. That way I go. The doctor said that movement is the best thing for the sprain. The sprain is in an awkward spot, so it will hurt a little while, but at least nothing is fractured. I don’t need to have to wear a cast for a month. That would really suck. Been there, done that. Three Advil, three times a day for three days. YAY.

    I live in an apartment complex. That’s there job. After going around to the doctor and then to get my x-rays, I picked my mom up to go out to dinner, so I stopped by the complex office to tell them what happened (more because I’d hate to see any of the little kids or older folk fall, too), and when we got back there was a huge rod sticking out of the hole and it was filled up with dirt.

    Would it have killed them to do that and cut the grass?

  2. Hang on…. you are an American…. sue them! Negligence and failure to carry out contracted work seems to be present.


    The Ambulance Chaser !

  3. I kid you not: I work with the wife of an attorney and I told he what happened, and she said I should sue. I’m plenty angry that I’ve had to miss two half days of school to take care of this. I’m also plenty angry that it happened, when it didn’t need to. I could have been hurt much worse, too.

    However…I’m too tired to sue. Hopefully, I’ve scared them, though.

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