Looking forward

heippa_kaikille11.  I think I have finally found a graduate program of study!  I have long had an interest in special education and how people acquire language.  I love “fixing” areas that are broken down for people when it comes to their language skills.  Believe it or not, I have found a combination of both special education and how learning disabilities impact second language learners.  I have seen how hard it can be to remedy a second language learner’s issues and how he/she deals with learning difficulties compounded by first and second language acquisition issues.

Why special education?  Well, believe it or not, a lot of people have one learning issue or another, whether it be mild or severe.  Learning more about the brain and about strategies to help folks overcome and/or cope with what is holding them back really gets me excited about my job.  I have students who are classified and students who go unclassified, but who definitely show evidence of needing extra help.  I’d love to take that extra knowledge to my classroom to help my entire classroom.

2.  I’ve decided to switch my weigh-in reports to Monday evening (after a Monday morning weigh-in).  At the end of the week, I am full of fluid, and it has become apparent that Saturday weigh-ins just don’t work for me.

3.  I’m starting to get rid of things this weekend.  I’m trying to move into the new house with as little as possible.  Right now, though, I have had to schedule a radon retest.  The test came back inconclusive (started out high and went really low), so to be better safe than sorry, I’m getting it done, again.  Pray for a really, really low result.

4.  There are 54 days left until the last day of school (even fewer when you don’t count the weekends).  YAY!

One thought on “Looking forward

  1. The term will soon be over and then you get to move into your new hoose – lots to get excited about. Oh, and a new study program to keep the brain active – woo hoo!

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