Ohhhhhh….just some questions

Amy Winehouse on her 30th birthday.

Amy Winehouse on her 30th birthday.

The fatigue bug is hitting.  It always does.  I’m used to it, I guess.  However, as you all know (since you know me so well) that means my brain is a little too fried for real posting.  So, in an attempt to post “something,” I’ve got some questions for y’all.  I’ll be back later tonight with the caption contest winners.

1.  Let’s say you were given a million dollars to give away as you see fit (not spend on yourself, but give away)…what would you do with the money?

2.  Why do I get a burst of energy just when I want to go to sleep….and then can’t get to sleep?

3.  Doesn’t my dad know not to call during a thunderstorm?  Likewise, why am I on the computer during a storm?

4.  Why are there so many stupid people willing to fall for and believe anything they hear or read, without question?


3 thoughts on “Ohhhhhh….just some questions

  1. 1. Pave my mama’s driveway first, then do major home improvements for elderly folks in the area. A/C’s installed, roofs replaced, etc…

    2. Because being female is an evil punishment.

    3. No answer for that one.

    4. The reason for the prolific number of stupid people is- stupid people are overly prolific. They don’t have the quantity of brain cells to ensure survival of the fittest, so they make up for it with a larger than normal quantity of eggs and sperm.

  2. 1. I’d give it to my wife. What can I say, old habits die hard.

    2. I wish I knew, same thing always happens to me.

    3. My relatives always call when I’m watching something good on TV. Dammit.

    4. Because thinking is so haaaaarrrrrdddddd!

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