Because I have the attention span of a fruit fly…

a-ponderI was looking through Blogthings for a quiz.  It seems to be becoming a habit for Monday posts.  However, beyond my usual lack of brain power on a Sunday evening, I just don’t feel like answering stupid questions.  Instead, I will take some blogthings questions and answer them with what I think the answers should be.

What remote control button are you?
What internal organ are you?
I’m all heart.
What tropical fruit are you?
Pineapple:  a little harmlessly prickly on the outside, and sweet and juicy on the inside.
What holiday cookie are you?
Sugar cookie with colorful sprinkles.
What kind of boots are you?
The kind that kick butts.
How warm are you?
I’m chilly at the moment, quite frankly.
What’s your Valentine’s Day personality?
Grumpy…it’s a tradition.
What office supply are you?
Paper clips.  I’m always trying to hold things together.
Are you a procrastinator?
Let me get back to you on that one.
What metal are you?
How kissable are you?
Quite.  It seems to be a well-guarded secret, though.
What movie is your love life like?
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
What’s your mafia name?
Hey, just because I’m from New Jersey, that my parents rented an apartment from some “connected” folks, and lived next door to a brother of a NYC crime boss, it doesn’t mean that I have a mafia name!  (That was all kinds of bad grammar and whatnot.)
Are you a fake girl?
Last time I checked, I think everything was real.
What condiment are you?
BBQ sauce…sweet, savory, tangy, with a kick.


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