How weird…

a-aharry1A few weeks ago, I was cleaning my room in preparation to begin the long task of tossing stuff and packing stuff for my July move.  While sorting through some trinkets and such, I came across a cloth doll (as pictured) I had received as part of a tribute to Phillies broadcaster, Harry Kalas, in 2000.   I was going to throw it out, but I decided to keep it, because every now and then I like to trigger the recorded calls of homeruns and the like that are in the doll.  So, I put it up on my bookcase.

Today, after watching the beautiful memorial service for Harry Kalas I wanted to hear the calls.  I picked it up to trigger the voice box, and guess what….it didn’t work…no voice.

That just struck me as weird.

People made fun of me because I thought it was important to go to that tribute that evening.  However, what people don’t understand is that when you hear a person’s voice for close to seven months of the year, a few hours each time, you get attached (especially after so many years).  I’m glad I went.  I got to honor him in life through heartfelt applause, and I got to sing “High Hopes” with thousands of other folks and with Harry Kalas.

(Btw., I will not be doing a weigh-in this week.  I’m having tremendous fluid issues with my legs.  Grrrr.  We’ll get back to things next week.)


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