When protecting your property becomes “unreasonable”

a-acata“The man” is always trying to keep a guy down, especially when crime fighting turns fun!

A Nottinghamshire businessman who set up a 30ft dung-firing catapult to deter intruders has been burgled after police warned him it was illegal.

Joe Weston-Webb, 71, a former travelling showman, decided he needed the deterrent after a series of break-ins, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The catapult, based on a Roman boulder-thrower, was originally built for a series of unsuccessful attempts to fire his wife, Mary, across the River Avon in 1976.

WHAT?????  I am now having images of his wife battered and bruised from being flung onto the banks of the river, Wile E. Coyote-style.

I digress…

Following a series of attacks by vandals on his company, Grumpy Joe, in Ratcliffe-on-Soar, he restored the rusty catapult and equipped it to fire bags of chicken droppings at intruders if an alarm was triggered.

His eccentric methods attracted media attention as well as a warning from Nottinghamshire Police that using the giant catapult would be illegal as it did not constitute “reasonable force”.
(H/T:  Ananova)

I don’t know.  It doesn’t seem deadly.  What’s wrong with flinging poo onto a bunch of thieves?  How is that more force than necessary?  (Btw., England has the best names for their villages/towns.)

Well, Mr. Weston-Webb took down the offending poo tossing machine and was promptly burglarized by thieves.

The worst part is that his closed-circuit television picked up the theft, and he was left with nothing to do but watch the theft, unable to protect his property.


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