Such a nice after-church discussion /snark

a-acat1I had a great day, yesterday!

My dad accompanied me to church, for what I believe is the first time ever.  He really enjoyed it, and I hope that he goes with me, again.

After church, we met my mom back at my dad’s house.  (My mom went to a different church.  I purposely go to a different church, because I’d like my dad to feel comfortable should he want to attend church with me.)  I then took my mom and dad out for dinner.  I’m glad they get along/tolerate each other enough for us to be abe to all be at the same table.  It is weird, though.  There was a lot of grrrrrr when I was growing up, but eventually I think they both realized that it is hard for me to choose when it comes to holidays.  When I get the house, I can just cook on the holidays.  I’m looking forward to it, too.

While we were out there was a group of people sitting next to us.  They are from an area church and we see them often.  They are not hard to overhear, so I’m usually slightly amused by them.  They have a tendacy to talk about current events in erudite voices.  One man, sounds like a professor.  He’s pretty smart, and I love hearing him refute folks every now and then.  Well, it was his lone voice that rose above the ramblings of an idiot–oddly, someone not usually in the group.

Sounds harsh, eh?  I know.  Not very Christian of me, but the guy needed a tin foil hat.  Out of nowhere he started going on about how the 9/11 hijackers were not capable of directing the planes toward the targets, that the Twin Towers could not have fallen as they did without the help of explosives (my blood was boiling by this point, my dad was rolling his eyes, and I was asking my mom if she could find a tin hat for the guy), and he stated that the plane in PA was shot down.

Seriously, I wish I could have just walked over to the table and told the guy to get bent.  The old me would have, with a lot of colorful language to describe what I thought of his ideas.  However, the “professor” sounding guy refuted our poor mistaken “I-know-it-all” dude.  The best part was when the conspiracy theorist was refuted he said, “But I’ve seen the analyses.”  Let me guess (using my best Limbaugh voice) what the “analyses” consists of…Michael Moore, YouTube videos, and an inability to properly view survellience footage from the Pentagon.

You know.  I realize these people exist, but I never saw one in person.

I just kept shooting him dirty looks.  Nutjob.


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