Who wants to bid $5????

Hillary:  "Man up, pal.  You owe me big time!"

Hillary: "Man up, pal. You owe me big time!"

Do you think a weekend in New York City, escorted by former President Bill Clinton, a trip to the American Idol finale, or a trip to D.C. to spend time with James Carville and Paul Begala sound like fun?  Me neither.

However, Hillary Clinton is hoping that supporters think that it is a rockin’ good time:

The secretary of state’s long-gone presidential campaign still is trying to pay off a steep debt and has launched a new fundraising pitch urging donors to give money and compete for the chance to win one of three “exclusive prizes.”

The most exclusive prize? A day of “adventure” in the Big Apple with former President Bill Clinton.

“A truly once in a lifetime chance: you and a guest will spend a day with President Clinton and a weekend of fun filled adventure in New York,” the online promo says.

The other prizes are nothing to sneeze at either. One lucky winner and a guest with attend the “American Idol” season finale. The other gets a flight to Washington, D.C., for a weekend in the nation’s capital, complete with a lunch with Democratic strategists and Clinton loyalists James Carville and Paul Begala.
(H/T:  FOX News)

Hmm….is all of that really a prize?  Paul Begala?  Isn’t he like the most miserable person on earth?   It reminds me of a quip made by Frank on Everybody Loves Raymond (scene from the 44 second to the 1:17 mark).
However, the fun thing could be that a conservative wins and just needles them the whole time, in a way that goes over their heads.  Probably not the hardest thing to do .  OR pretend you are a democrat and get them to say all kinds of things about conservatives.  Heh.  Oh, it could be some snarky fun, that’s for sure.

Also, think about spending the weekend with the former president.  You get to hang out with secret service, clear the restaurants if you want, and you get to make cigar jokes.  “Hey, Bill, I don’t like cigar smoke, so you know, please don’t light up in the limo.  Thanks!”



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