Weighin’ In

a-acarGiven my war with food poisoning last week, I did not want to post my weight loss.  I really wasn’t sure how much of it I’d keep off.  Losing 15 pounds in a couple of days is not a fun thing to do, nor is it lasting.  However, I have managed to keep off a little bit of it, and that is fine by me.  My weight loss from my last weigh-in is nine pounds!  🙂  Given the complete and utter crap I’ve eaten this week, I shouldn’t be gaining back the rest  of the weight I lost last week.  I’ll take the nine pounds.  Hopefully, when I clean up my eating habits this week, I’ll begin to lose again in a healthy, non-food poisoning related way.  HA!

I hope you all have a very successful week.  Feel free to provide an update in the comments section.


HERE IS Kim’s update.

WYATT reports to have gained a couple of pounds after going down a couple last week.  No doubt as the weather gets nicer, he’ll be out on his bike, putting us all to shame.  🙂

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