You smell that?

a-afartDude !:  Whooooweeeeee!  These bean burritos are slammin’!

Dude 2:  You got that right.  How many have you eaten?

Dude 1:  Eh, I think this one makes 10.  I’m shooting for 12!

Dude 2:  Don’t know about that, dude.  You’ll be shooting bunnies real soon.

Dude 1:  (Letting one rip…)  Heh…I could take care of the gas for my car for a year!

Dude 2:  Yeah, uh…try not to do that anymore, okay?  It’s nasty, dude.

Dude 1:  (Letting another one rip…)  Heh.  Sounds like a motorboat.  I think I killed all the bunnies with that one.

Dude 2:  Man.  That smells!!!!!  Really, don’t do that again.

Dude 1:  Watchya gonna do ’bout it?

Dude 2:  Just don’t.

Dude 1:  Ooooooo….(let’s one rip and then gets stabbed in the chest.)  OW!  What did you do that for?

Dude 2:  You stunk up the room you pig!



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