Objectified love

a-atowerYou know how there are really weird people in the world that do really weird things?  You know how those really weird people get attention for all of the wrong reasons?  Well, this is one of those stories:

A San Francisco woman says her affection for the Eiffel Tower goes beyond admiration to sexual attraction and romantic commitment.

The woman had a commitment ceremony performed with the Parisian tower two years ago and changed her name to Erika Eiffel to reflect her romantic love of the landmark

You’d think that bit of narrative would be enough to get across just how disturbing this story is, but noooooooooo!  Don’t you just want to hear more about how this “objectum sexual” feels about her true love?

“Her structure is just amazing. You know, she’s got subtle, subtle curves, you know,” Eiffel, 36, said of her inanimate “partner.” “I just, it’s almost like I heard her crying out, saying, ‘Somebody, notice me.'”
(H/T:  UPI)

Yeah, I used to cry out, “Somebody, notice me.” However, that involved bleached blonde hair, thigh high boots, and black lipstick.

Hey, at least in a relationship like this, there isn’t someone with unrealistic expectations and forced conversation.  Maybe she likes the strong, silent type.  Heh.


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