Political stuff and caption winners

Some fwankness:
You know how folks are trying to understand who has responsibility (on both sides) for the sub-prime stuff and all the other crap?  Here’s Barney Frank having a class-A hissy fit after a Harvard student asks, “How much responsibility, if any, do you have for the financial crisis?”

CLICK HERE to see the exchange.

Calling it like he sees it:
In a discussion of how things need to change in D.C., Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Alabama) mentioned what it is like to deal with Nancy Pelosi and the climate in Washington:

Despite President Barack Obama’s commitment to bipartisanship, Rogers says Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi (whom he described as “crazy,” “mean as a snake” and “Tom DeLay in a skirt”) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid didn’t get that memo.

“They don’t talk to us,” he said. “They’ve got the vote, and they can do what they want.”

Rogers said to be fair Democrats are paying Republicans back for how they were treated when the Republicans controlled Congress.

“Republican leaders didn’t talk to the Democrats,” he said. “The attitude was ‘We have the votes on our side, let the Democrats whine.'”

Rogers said that’s a culture that needs to change if Congress wants to get more done in between election cycles.

“At some point we’ve got to recognize that the power goes back and forth,” he said. “One side only has it for a finite time and we’ve got to work together while the minority is still sensitive because that’s going to be us one day.”
(H/T:  Drudge)

You know what was missing from his lightbulb moment?  Uh…getting things done for the good of the nation, regardless of who is in power.  “Getting things done between election cycles” just means that they need to agree on their pet projects in a nicer fashion.

Few of them are working for us.  It doesn’t occur to them that it is a necessity.

On a lighter note, if you’d like to see the winners of this week’s caption contest, CLICK HERE.


3 thoughts on “Political stuff and caption winners

  1. Foolish boy. How dare he ask his Frankness such a question. Polytishuns are never responsible for anything that goes wrong, only the things that go right. Everyone knows this.

  2. Jeffro
    Or at least doing the “right” things…like that will ever happen.

    John D
    I like how the kid respectfully declined to be bullied by Frank.

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