A funny house-hunting story

a-knockI thought that when you looked at homes that the owners were never there; however, they sometimes are.  Sometimes they greet you at the door and are quite pleasant.  Sometimes there are surprises.

At one of our stops yesterday, we knocked loudly and announced ourselves as we went in, no one answered, so we proceeded to take our tour.  There were some nice things, but I felt like I was walking through a home belonging to musicians (trust me, I’ve lived with some).  (Sparsely furnished with mismatched pieces, clutter, dirty…etc…)  Honestly, I was waiting for some guy to pop out of a dark corner with a shotgun and say, “You ain’t gettin’ my house!”

As we walked through the invisible smoke clouds (couldn’t see ’em, but we sure could smell the cigarettes), we made our way up to the master suite.  It was pretty cool.  When we entered the back part of it, there were two nice-sized punch marks in the wall above the bed.  Then as my realtor was looking at the nice sized closet and pointing it out to me, I pointed out to her the guy with really long hair and ponytail wrapped up in his covers, sleeping away.  Well, I assume he was asleep.  He wasn’t snoring or stirring, so maybe he wasn’t alive.  I’m not sure, because I backed out and boogied (can’t run) on out of that house as fast as I could.  Well, I was trying to not bust out into total laughter while exiting.  You never know, he could’ve been armed.

I imagine the guy was sleeping off the cause of his deep slumber.  Oh, and I will be sure to never order from the pizzeria advertised on the car sitting in front of his house, too.

It could have been worse.  He could have been stark nekkid and decided to chase us out of the house.

Yesterday morning when I was preparing for my massive tour of homes (11 homes) I asked for God’s guidance.  I said, “Please let it be painfully evident that the house I saw yesterday (Saturday) is the one if that is Your will.”  Well…the one home that would have been the biggest competition for it received an offer last night (Saturday night) that was accepted, we had sleeping guy in one, and the others had the some very evident issues with updating, structural issues, and just not measuring up to the one I decided to buy.

Guess my prayer was answered, eh?


3 thoughts on “A funny house-hunting story

  1. NFO
    I’m just glad I didn’t have to see a nekkid guy. I might have fainted.

    I learned that folks don’t take care of their houses, that is for sure.

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