I’m too excited to keep my mouth shut!

You know how I was uber-ill this past week?  Well, I got super bored, too.  Having a house hunt approaching, I decided to get in touch with a realtor to begin looking at homes, especially one home in particular.  I dragged myself there yesterday (was really wiped out, still).  I decided to look at a few other homes, today.  Then…my father and I went back to the original home.

Guess what?  We made an offer; they gave us a very reasonable counter-offer, and we accepted it.  These are the doors to my new home, which I will be moving into in July.

Nothing left to say except that God is good and I am very, very, very, very, very blessed.



10 thoughts on “I’m too excited to keep my mouth shut!

  1. Admiral
    Yes, I will…especially after everything I saw in comparison.

    Thanks! I’d say my weekend has been a very good one.

    This a much welcomed and needed move. My mom and I share a 600 sq. ft. apartment that costs $845 a month. It has perpetually broken a/c, no washer and dryer, and the neighbors across from me (since evicted) were busted twice for drugs…cops breaking down the door types of busts. This move is truly a blessing.

    Thank you, and yes I will love it.

    Miss Edee
    Thanks! Very awesome! I’m going to have fun over the next few months planning my home. YAY!

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