Just some questions

heippa_kaikille11.  Did I miss something in potato identification class?

My mom called and left a message on my phone, “You don’t have to pick up dinner while you are out.  I stopped and got you a cheesesteak.  I didn’t get you french fries because you’ve had potatoes a couple of times this week, but I got you chips.”

Are POTATO chips no longer made of potatoes?  Just wondering.

(In all fairness, my mom isn’t feeling well, and perhaps she’s feverish.  I also had plans on something healthy for dinner.  Had I spoken up and said, “I wish you’d ask if I want that kind of food before you buy something for me, because I really don’t want to eat that stuff,” her feelings would have been hurt..really and truly, so I ate the cheeseseak and it was really, really good.)

2.  Why do I find myself watching Friday Night Smackdown most Friday nights?

3.  Tomorrow, I have to plan my whole week and type up everything I need.  Sunday I have church, lunch with my dad, and hopefully I’ll be practicing my guitar to begin learning it, again.  Think I can fit it all in?  I was going to go to the gym tomorrow, too.  Forgot to add that one.

4.  Uh…I can’t think of anything else.   Can you?


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