Until the cops unlock the cuffs, do us part…

A new tool in couples' therapy--who knew?

A new tool in couples' therapy--who knew?

Okay, I’m no expert on relationships, but I’m pretty sure that even though I’ve heard of not going to bed angry, I’ve never heard of go to bed angry and shackle yourself to your sleeping husband until the argument is resolved.

Helen Sun, 37, handcuffed herself to Robert Drawbough as he slept in their Fairfield, Connecticut, home on Monday in an effort to reconcile their differences, police said.

But when Drawbough called police with his cell phone, Sun responded by biting him on the arms and torso, police said.

Police officers heard screams when they arrived at the home and forced their way in, said Chris Lyddy of the Fairfield Police Department. Sun had also changed the locks on their bedroom door.

(H/T:  Reuters)

I’d love to know what the fight was about. I’d guess she won’t have to worry about going to bed with “issues,” since his side of the bed will now be empty.  That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation.

Maybe the couch is a good cooling-off spot.  Eh, what do I know?


6 thoughts on “Until the cops unlock the cuffs, do us part…

  1. This reminded me of the old tales of tying two cats tails together and tossing them over the clothes line and of my grandmother’s way of dealing with argumentative children- she’d tie them together until they could “be nice” to each other.

    If someone handcuffed me to the husband when I was mad at him though, the fur would fly. 😀

  2. JohnD
    Or the phone he was holding in his hand. Eh…she was crazy, so she probably would have bitten harder.

    Well, there are screwed up people everywhere, so it is bound to happen. I often look at some of my students and wonder what level of dysfunction they will bring to their adult relationships. Odd behavior doesn’t just happen overnight.

    Heh! I wonder what her version is. 🙂

    Yeah, well, he is the little brother I never wanted. HA! I’m not sure Mrs. Earp will be amused with his comment, though.

    Remind me to never get you angry. 🙂

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