A good thing…

a-afry1Do you remember when you were a little kid and had a passion about something?  You saw a world without gray areas, and when you saw something that needed to be done, you thought that it must be done.  The adult saying “what if” was never in the picture.

Well, that’s how I perceive six-year-old Tom Fryers of England.

Tom Fryers, who nearly died at birth from oxygen starvation, has climbed all 214 peaks in Alfred Wainwright’s famous Lake District guides.

And he has raised £2,500 for the Sheffield’s Jessop Wing Maternity Hospital in the process, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Tom scaled his first peak when he was just three and a half and has since covered 480 miles and more than 150,000ft of ascent in 62 days on the fells.

In one gruelling 15-mile session he conquered the two highest peaks in England – 3,162ft Scafell and 3,209ft Scafell Pike.

Mr Fryers, 41, a health worker, from Oxspring, near Penistone, south Yorkshire, said: “When Tom was born he was virtually dead. He had a very traumatic start to his life and spent a week in intensive care.

“It’s a miracle he survived, and even then we didn’t expect him to be fully healthy. But he couldn’t be more alive, he has more energy than I have and he loves the outdoors.”

This is equal to climbing five Mt. Everests.

We should all have this kind of spunk!

4 thoughts on “A good thing…

  1. Admiral
    Sometimes kids are the wisest and most generous of all of us.

    Yes, it would.

    Gives me hope for our future (if the present adults don’t totally screw things up).

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