No wonder I miss Nashville.

Yeah, Keith Anderson is manly looking.

Yeah, Keith Anderson is manly looking.

Nashville has been crowned the “Manliest City” in the U.S.

I observed the talent and scenery while I was down there last summer (wish I was going back, btw).  I’d have to say that I agree, especially if you stay within Nashville and its adjacent areas.  Once you get out to where my cousin lives…not so much (rich, soft people).  Well, that and I’d have to include my cousin in the manly thing and that’s just creepy.  He’s a nice guy, but he’s my cousin.

Back to my observations:
When I went to the Merle Haggard concert, I’d have to say that I got to see a lot of manly looking/acting men.  I was privileged to sit next to two, very tall, very hunkified men.  I dare say they played football or were in the military and came down from Clarksville or something.  There was a girl acting a fool and they told her boyfriend to reign her in a bit (she was drunk and couldn’t be reasoned with).  Well, the boyfriend was a drunken fool, too.  The guys sitting next to me were none too pleased.  One said to the other, “He better not make me go redneck on his ass.”  I’m just glad I was on the right side of the fight. There wasn’t a fight, but I would have been on the right side.    (Hmmm…come to think of it, as I look at this picture of Keith Anderson, one of the guys looked like him.  Wasn’t him, but looked like him…dressed like him, too.)

Then, there were all those times I went to the Opry and got to stare at the male singers.  Even Charlie Daniels was a bit cute.  Keith Anderson was my favorite (He’s from Texas or Oklahoma or something), he was definitely manly.

At other times when I was out and about, I did get a chance to see folks.  However, I wasn’t really looking, “looking”.  (No point.)  I did notice that men were a bit more polite.  There was an especially nice, ruggedly built blonde guy that was my neighbor.  I liked running into him once in a while.  He was usually all hot and sweaty in his work clothes (ripped up jeans and t-shirt).  Dang that condo is for sale.  They asked if I wanted to buy it, too.  Grrrrrrrrr!

So, anyway, the article I’m linking states that Nashville has been given the manly honor because of the number of NASCAR  fans, outdoorsmen, lack of minivans, and BBQ restaurants (there are a ton of restaurants, period).  Nevermind that most people living in Nashville aren’t from Nashville.  Reminds me of Los Angeles.

(H/T:  UPI)

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