Karl has nothing on Groucho’s eyebrows.

Coming to a Broadway chorus line near you!

Coming to a Broadway chorus line near you!

What do you get when you mix a little goose-step, a revolution of the people, lines for food, totalitarian oppression,  and some grayish-green clothes?  Well, you get a Chinese musical in praise of Karl Marx (is he the Marx brother who used sounds to communicate?).

I know what you’re thinking:  WHY!?!?!?!?

Well, because people need to be educated, of course.

“The entertainment and theatrical elements will help ordinary people better understand why the financial crisis is happening,” said Zhang Jun, a Fudan University economics professor, who is an advisor on the production.

He said his role is to ensure Marx’s ideas are accurately represented in the stage spectacular.

“I’ve given an introductory briefing to the crew. They are still working on the script,” Zhang added.

“The director, He Nian, will incorporate modern elements in the show to make it easily connect to people’s lives and feelings.”

How do they plan to accomplish capturing the lives and feelings of the common folk?

The musical will revolve around a group of office workers who discover their boss is exploiting them and each responds differently, the China Daily newspaper reported.

“We will bring (Marx’s) economic theories to life in a trendy, interesting and educational play, which will be fun to watch,” the paper quoted He as saying.
(H/T:  Yahoo)

Uh…isn’t that a combination of some current sit-coms and The Young Ones?  Just wondering.

(Some vibrant language is used.  Well, that’s a nice way to put it, eh?)


5 thoughts on “Karl has nothing on Groucho’s eyebrows.

  1. Les
    And Cats.

    I hear that if anyone gets up for intermission, they’ll be re-educated.

    I always made sure I stayed up to watch them.


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