ponder1Uh-oh…she’s been thinkin’…

1.  Who decided what normal/beautiful/popular/hip is?  Just wondering.  I was just looking at something online and wondering why?  (Vague, I know, but whatever.)

2.  This happens every Sunday night.  I spend the weekend recovering from the week.  For all my healthy strides, I still get a little fatigued and if I don’t rest, I get rundown and then I get sick, especially in the winter months.  Well, in the summer months I don’t have to work.  heh.  Anyway, Sunday night rolls around and I get anxious.  The can’t-sleep-anxiousness.  I’m not even thinking about anything important (see #1), but I’m in knots.

3.  I’m looking for a house.  I’ve been looking for a while, but didn’t want to mention it until it seemed really certain I’d be getting one.  Just wish I didn’t have to stay in NJ.  However, if this is where God wants me, I’ll be blessed here.  (The knot just got tighter–could be the NJ property taxes.)  I am looking forward to having a real kitchen, where I cook lots of good things and be able to bake my Christmas cookies, again.  I can have people over.  I will have to find people, of course, but I will have people over.  The Earps are first on my list.

4.  I need a man.  Just thought I’d mention it.  I feel the need to say it every now and then.  I figure it will pass when I’m in my fifties or something.  Hey, every church needs a spinster, right?  I ain’t gonna have blue hair, though.  Perhaps pink, but not blue.

5.  The church I have been to the past couple of weeks has a “Bible Institute” attached to it.  I’m thinking of taking a class.  It doesn’t begin until 7:30 p.m., though.  That’s when I’m usually fighting sleep.  I’ve become an old fart.  I used to have a friend who always went to bed really early and I used to make fun of him.  Now I am that person.  Yeah, ironic given it is 11:13 p.m. and I’m wide awake.  (See #2.)

6.  You ever watch the cooking and fashion/decorating type shows?  I realize people have passions, but hissy fits and staking your self-worth on that stuff?  Eh…don’t get it.  Even though my job consumes my life, I enjoy when I don’t have to be “the teacher”.

7.  Okay, this is long; I’m rambling.  I’m just gonna go celebrate the one very brief period in time that I will ever be #1 on an NCAA bracket.  Of course, it is the one time in recent years that it is not for money (it’s on Facebook).  Again…gotta like the irony.

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