Some newsy stuff and stuff

1.  Obama filled out his March Madness bracket.  Do  we care?

2.  There is a report that 40 percent of births in 2007 were out of wedlock.  A lot of the births were to women over 20.  So, uh….where is the sense of self-control, responsibility, and morality?  I was an almost out-of-wedlock birth (born two months after my parents married).  Trust me when I say that God designed marriage for a reason.

*I realize divorce happens and people make huge errors in judgment; however, I find that number reflects a lot of irresponsibility and selfishness.

3.  Apparently there are pictures of flying saucers over London.  Yeah, but did he see any tea cups, flying pigs, or pink elephants?  Why doesn’t the article have the pics?

4.  Tomorrow is the first day of spring.  I’m ready for the flowers to bloom and the for the trees to sprout their lush, green leaves.  I’m tired of gray and brown.


3 thoughts on “Some newsy stuff and stuff

  1. Aha, It’s the Aliens!!! That’s why all those Brit government fools still believe in global warming. It’s mind control. Nooooooo..Algore really does know something about Venus–it’s where he’s from. AAARGH.
    Happy Spring, RT.

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