Whatever I want Wednesday

We’re going for a trip to “back-in-the-day”.  I remember when I was in 8th grade I was in my reading class, staring at the notebook belonging to the boy sitting behind me.  We’d known each other since 4th grade and were talking.  I asked him what Def Leppard was, and he replied that they were a new band and had a really good song, “Bringing on the Heartbreak.”  He said I’d really like it, and he was right.  🙂

And as most young girls were given to “picking” a band member to be totally in love with at that time, I strayed from the choices every other girl had:  Joe Elliot and Rick Allen.  I was nuts over the bassist, Ric Savage.  DREAMY!!!!  (He’s the young lad in red spandex in this video. )

4 thoughts on “Whatever I want Wednesday

  1. I love Def Leppard. Great band. Have you seen that TV movie about them that aired on VH1 a few years back? I though it was pretty good, for a TV movie.

  2. I gained some added respect for them after watching a rockumentary on them (made around the time of the television movie). It was interesting.

    They are really good.

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