Good Stuff

adaisy31Some of you know that the past few weeks have been wonky in RT-land.  I was tested for hepatitis and my mom had a funky mammogram.  Here’s all the good news I have to report:

My mom:

She has a cyst.  They will take another look at her in six months, but all is well.  🙂  I’m so happy.  You have no idea.  My mom is a 22-year lung cancer survivor.  That in itself should tell you how good God is.  Over the course of five or six months (22 years ago), she had multiple surgeries (not all for cancer and not all on her lung) and has had poor-ish health ever since.  I just had to believe that God wasn’t going to allow something to touch her after she’d been through so much.

We celebrated tonight by eating at the Cheesecake Factory.  While we were eating complete and utter (yet mighty tasty and yummy) bad-for-you food, we discussed the wake-up call God is trying to give us to live better so that we can enjoy His blessings.  I’m going to try to figure out a way to get my mom a membership at my gym-just for a little exercise.

Praise God.  That’s all I can say.


1.  Got my usual blood tests.  Liver function came back funky.  (Of course, they never really tell you why.)  Re-test lab slip said I was getting the liver function done, plus a test for hepatitis.  I was a bit freaked out.  (More to do with the amounts of Tylenol I’d been taking.  No more Tylenol for me!)

2.  I’m okay.

3.  Brought my cholesterol levels down to 184 from 204-ish in September.  My blood sugar is 102 (probably 300 after the Cheesecake Factory).  When I started having health problems, my sugar was around 127.  All of my improvement is due to diet and exercise.  I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to do this through diet and exercise, too.  Not everyone has that opportunity.  My mom is on two blood pressure medications, stuff for her thyroid, and Type-2 diabetes meds.  I’m fighting hard to avoid what I can (most definitely with God’s help).

4.  Last night, I met with my endocrinologist.  He said, “There’s nothing really wrong with you.”  Do you all know what that means?  I no longer have insulin resistance.  He said he’s only going to be treating my thyroid from now on.  YAY!  He was very happy with my weight loss and improved numbers.  He was even more happy that I am going to the gym and really trying hard to figure what foods work for me.  He did say that the weight won’t just melt off of me, because of my thyroid.  However, the fact that I am losing weight is great.  While I do have to work on getting my liver numbers down a little lower, he said that losing more weight should do it…not in any danger zone. (He also said I’m big-boned.  HA!)

I’m so grateful for all of this.  Four years ago when I went to the endocrinologist, I always left feeling like I was going to die–literally.  My numbers were bad, I had reactions to medication, and I just felt like crap all of the time.  One doctor wanted me to get gastric bypass.  I was very depressed and thought that I’d totally screwed up my life.

God is answering my prayers.  He is blessing me beyond measure.  Someday, I’ll reach my goal.  I’ve got to be patient with myself.

I just want to thank you all for your prayers for me and for my mom.  It really means a lot.  Really.

Have a wonderful evening!


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