ponder1. I was teaching Beowulf this week.  Today, as we were discussing part of it, I thought, “Gee, this is like professional wrestling.”  Just when you think the hero is beat, he pulls through and demolishes the foe.

2.  I feel better after I exercise.  I need to remind myself of that little fact, especially when I am exhausted and stressed.

3.  Teens today:

Teacher:  “Why did you plagiarize?”  (This is a “good” student, btw.)

Student:  “Because I didn’t think you’d catch me.”

Yes, folks…kids increasingly do not possess decency and a moral compass.  Right and wrong do not exist.  I’ve also run into more and more parents who will lie for their children and pass the buck, so to speak, when it comes to something their children have done.

That wasn’t my student.  However, I have caught kids plagiarizing.  One attends an Ivy League school.  That kid’s mom asked if there was extra credit the kiddie could do after I caught the offender.  Uh…no.

Then again…this country elected a vice-president guilty of stealing the words of others.

4.  Something has been bugging me for a couple of weeks.  My dad did not mean any harm by this, but it still bugs me.  Someone was making a statement about someone being 40 and not married and not having had children.  (Not me.)  And my dad said, “Well, I told them about you and how you are a teacher and aren’t married and have cats.”  He meant it as a good thing, but it didn’t come out that way.  I realize I’m probably not going to have kids.  But I’d like to think (and hope) that someday I might be good enough for someone to love.

Then my dad said, “It’s not like you have time anyway.  You don’t have time for a family.  You don’t even get home until around 7 p.m. most nights.”

He’s right.  (Again, he wasn’t being critical of me.  I could tell by his tone.)

Yeah, so I’m going to go think about my workaholic nature, now.


3 thoughts on “Ponderisms

  1. I always bet on the hero.

    My mind keeps forgetting that too about exercise.

    And the teens of today will be the decision makers of tomorrow. I think we are in trouble.

    I know how you feel when some says something like that and it just sticks with you. It is a bummer.

  2. JohnD
    Well, he keeps leaving to battle evil, so he misses a lot of school. 😉

    I vacillate. Sometimes I am horrified by the teenage mind; however, I’m sure my teachers were horrified by me. I grew up a bit.

    Yeah. It makes me wonder if I totally missed blessing from God and makes me think A LOT about how I could have done things differently to maybe have relationships I don’t have and likely will not have. (God is bigger than my limitations, though. You never know what blessings He has for us…He knows our dreams and desires. They aren’t lost on Him.)

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