Sometimes the gym can produce a giggle.

a-aweight1While I was having fun at the gym, tonight (kicked butt and got to work with weights…oh, and they’ve added a punching bag thing….can’t wait to use it!), I was in the cardio room during the last part of my workout.  In the cardio room they play movies.  I think I have Rocky and Rambo memorized…well, Rambo is kind of short on dialogue…heh.  Anyhoo, sometimes pretty cheesy “relationship” flicks are thrown in for some giggles.  I’m not really into relationship movies; they don’t inspire awe.  Tonight one such movie, Win a date with Tad Hamilton,” brought me a funny,  awkward moment.

I was pushing my legs as hard as they would go on the bike and Pinboy was in and out checking up on my progress (we were trying for 400 calories in a half an hour–I did 460), and at one point in the movie, a Barry White song was featured in a scene.

I’m not a fan of Barry White; however, Pinboy was standing kind of behind me  (he likes to sneak up to check my progress) and he was singing the song!  See, Pinboy needs to watch himself.  That stuff makes me squirrelly.  (I know he wasn’t singing to me, but as a woman, I can tell you that a man in close proximity to a woman’s ears, singing that kind of stuff….well, at least me…complete goner!

Don’t worry, I recovered (while he’s hot, he’s not my type).

Just thought I’d share.


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