Public Service Announcement #2


My dear readers,

If you are parents, especially of boys, please give them this bit of advice:

When a teacher is willing to meet with you for a full hour after school to help you with an essay, please do not repay her kindness by popping the zit on your forehead…in front of her.

It’s kind of gross.

Thank you, folks.  I’m just trying to make this world better one kid at a time.  🙂

7 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement #2

  1. Snigs
    Really, I’d rather they fear me. Heh. (He’s actually an odd kind of kid and gives me a creepy vibe at times.)

    That would inspire the young’uns to bring weapons, too. Not even kidding.


    Oh, man!

    (I had a student teacher who shaved his arms and the tops of his hands.)

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