What time is it?

Meh.  Don’t you hate when you have dreams that wake you up?  Not a nightmare, either.   Anyway, it is almost 4:03 a.m., and I fell asleep with my computer on.  Why is 4:03 important?  It reminded me of this song.  So, now I can’t get the dream and the song out of my head.  YAY!

Btw., no weigh-in, today.  I’ve been eating out of stress and I’m really not in the mood to look at the scale this weekend.  I’ll post a weigh-in next Saturday.  🙂

“If You Only Knew”–Shinedown

Please ignore the crappy cartoon that is placed with this song.  There isn’t an “official” video, and all the other videos were from live performances via cell phones….the two don’t mix, folks.


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