Gentlemen, start your engines…

a-aburritoWell, when I think NASCAR, I think smelly fumes.

In case any of you are planning a trip to Vegas, I have a meal tip for you!  If you go to the NASCAR Cafe at the Sahara Hotel/Casino, order the 2-foot, 6-pound burrito.

If you manage to eat the thing, you will win unlimited rides on a roller coaster that goes forward and backward.  Additionally, you will not have to foot the $19.95 bill and you will get a t-shirt proclaiming your burrito eating feat.  If you don’t down the mega amount of beans, you will get a shirt that calls you a “weenie”.

Don’t worry about eating the burrito “dry”.  It comes with hefty amounts of cheese and guacamole.



5 thoughts on “Gentlemen, start your engines…

  1. Admiral
    Talk about being bottom-heavy for a few days. Bleh.

    Jeffro & NFO
    I will have to look up this Amarillo Jack’s. I assume there isn’t one near me.

    (Thanks for the warning, NFO.)

    Good one! 🙂

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