Snow day fun!

The stupid things that reporters say, especially in bad weather, never cease to amaze me.  Granted, many of them have a mix of being tired, dealing with the elements, and working off script to deal with, but you’d think they’d have something eloquent prepared for such moments, like a snowstorm in a frequently hit area of the country, ohhhhh…..maybe in the state of Massachusetts, for instance.

While sipping on some hot chocolate a little while ago, I was watching FOX News and I heard a reporter say possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

Reporter from Boston area:  “There was grass here just yesterday.”  Keep in mind, she is scraping snow away from the ground to show the grass as she makes her most profound statement.

Brian Kilmeade (whose snarkiness and smarty-pantsness I absolutely love) then asked the reporter if her hood is attached to her jacket or if it is a separate piece.   (If you read between the lines of his comments like I do, you get the impression that the snow reports are boring for him, like they are for us.  I didn’t know we needed to travel slower in the snow AND use our lights.  Dang.  I learned something, today.)

Keeping with the snark and theme, here are more dumb reporters having some fun in the snow:
(Ignore the commercial at the end….also dumb.)


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