Pictures of snow…

Like you don’t know what it looks like or something.  Eh, humor me.

Even though I make fun of reporters, I like the one in this report.  Always have.  Today, she went sledding with kids. The first hill is one that I drove by after picking my mom up from work.  The camera crews were out there as I drove by.  The second hill is down the street from some family.  I used to go sledding on the nearby streets, as they are longer and steeper than the country club hill.  Fun stuff.




7 thoughts on “Pictures of snow…

  1. Love it! We got up in the middle of the night just to watch it falling. In Mississippi you never know if it will be there five minutes or five hours. You just appreciate it while it is there!

  2. Wyatt
    I have dibs on the ice skating concession. Oh, wait.

    I really like how quiet everything becomes. I live in a high traffic area and for it to be so still is a treat. It is also very nice to just enjoy the beauty of snow.

  3. Very pretty RT. Ours lasted until a bit after midnight, then turned to slush. There was a tiny bit left in the shadows this morning, so the kids picked at it a bit. Too bad they can’t enjoy a *real* snow just once while they’re still kids.

  4. Snigs
    That stinks. I have a cousin that lives in Oregon, and she still gets really excited when she sees snow–she grew up in Florida. She sent me a bunch of pictures from all of the snow they had this year with the caveat: “snow is still a novelty to me.”

    Yes, that is a huge pain, as is cleaning off a car that is taller than you.

    Bitterly cold the past few days, but we’re expecting temps in the upper 40’s and 50’s this weekend. YAY!

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