Yummy Sunday Breakfast

Okay, it isn’t eggs, bacon, fried potatoes and toast.  I’d rather have the greasy, fried breakfast, but I was really hungry and while I have eggs, I don’t have any of the other ingredients for the greasy, salty, yummier breakfast.  What did I have?  I had a bowl of barley with cinnamon (leftover from Friday’s breakfast), fresh blueberries, dried unsweetened cranberries, and slivers of almonds.  Some apple was thrown in for good measure, too.  Barley takes on the flavor of whatever it is that is cooked with it.

It was kind of tart, but filling, warm, and very healthy.   Maybe next weekend I can have the greasy, salty breakfast.  It’s been a while.



5 thoughts on “Yummy Sunday Breakfast

  1. RT, that does look good,and probably good for you to. I,however,had my cholesterol enhancing Sunday breakfast……Sausage & cheese omelet ,sliced vine ripe tomato, toasted & buttered cuban bread ,strong black coffee and a small orange juice. Don’t do it often,but it sure helps my mood.

  2. Skul
    Eh….now that would have given it some tasty flavor, eh? 🙂

    I love barley. Growing up, the only time I had it was when my grandmom made soups (usually lamb and barley). I’m trying to find more ways to eat it. It is a low-glycemic carb that contains a lot of good stuff. It is cheap, too. (Great for Type 2 diabetic and cholesterol, btw.)

    Yours does sound like it was good. That type of food always does inspire quite a smile, doesn’t it?

    Thank you! I cooked the blueberries in the barley while I reheated it. Those blueberries popped a sweet, syrupy juice when I ate them. Nice treat. However, I ate crap the rest of the day…kind of defeated the purpose of the breakfast. Oh well. Tomorrow’s another day.

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