Here she comes, Miss Forgery….

The scholarships in beauty pageants must not be very lucrative.

See, here in NJ, we do things a little different, a little edgier.  Actually, we like our public figures, no matter how big or small in “publicness,” to be corrupt. They need to be thieves, liars, scammers, trashy, and vile.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Miss North Wildwood, NJ and her mom were arrested for manufacturing money.

I guess they thought they’d by-pass the economic issues in the state and pump some fake funds into the economy.  Hey, if everyone and his brother can launder and blackmail, why can’t these ladies create their own money?

Detectives say they printed fake $50 bills and used them at two local stores, including the Wawa on New Jersey Ave. in N. Wildwood.

21-year old Ashley and  her mom, 44-year old Kelly Nowacky are charged with having forgery equipment, forgery and conspiracy to commit forgery.
(H/T:  NBC 10)

You know what I think got them caught?  The “Hello Kitty” pic where Ulysses S. Grant should be.  I hear the young pageant winner thought Grant was just too old and ugly to grace her money….so, not hawt.

Here’s Miss North Wildwood, where I hear she has a platform of more drunken senior weeks, boardwalk rides, and as many fudgy wudgies anyone can eat.

Oh, but she'll be hot when she's older, too!

Oh, but she'll be hot when she's older, too!

Here’s mom.

Crackhead chic? Yeah, that’s what Little Miss Sunshine will look like.

What else can I say?  Well, “watch the tram car, please.”

Suddenly, I’m craving salt water taffy.

Now, if you’d like to see some legit caption contest winners who don’t need funny money, CLICK HERE.   🙂


9 thoughts on “Here she comes, Miss Forgery….

  1. Daughter is a cutie pie. Mom looks like she had a stroke. Right eye and mouth drooping is the tip off. Sad really. Don’t be too hard on her for something she couldn’t control folks.

    Forgery, on the other hand, was totally within her control. To tha slammah with ya!

  2. Y’all
    She’s rather rough.

    Woody…I was commenting on her garish make-up and over-processed, root-ridden hair. She’s 44 and looks like she’s pushing 60….from hard living or too much sun. Given where she lives, I’d say it is a healthy combination of both.

    I read other articles and their associated comments. The daughter is apparently a drug addict and that pic is two years old, the mom and the daughter’s boyfriend (who was also arrested) seem to be, too.

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