Speed bump?

In my post about a sneaky skunk, Snigs asked that I not address the smelly rodent, today.   You see, she ended up hitting one.  So, instead of risking any bad juju, I’ve decided to post this for Snigs.  Mmmmmmmmmm….cake!

Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate mocha butter frosting….from Country Girl Recipes…fitting, no?


Hope today is better for you, Snigs.


6 thoughts on “Speed bump?

  1. And I meant to say earlier, thanks RT. Today for the most part has been a better day. Another A in A&P and my new contacts came in, so it doesn’t feel like I’ve got Saran Wrap in my eyes now.

    If it hadn’t started off sounding like something was trying to stuff one of my cats in a blender at 5:45 a.m., it would have been even better. Kitties are all fine, but I get the distinct feeling one of them burned one of his nine lives this morning…

  2. Arrrrrrrgh! Send me a piece! Well, at least post photos of it with the smiling faces of children enjoying it. It is fer teh chillrun, after all. Heh.

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