The case of the sneaky skunk

a-askunk1When you think of libraries, you think of kids looking for their favorite books for mom or dad to read to them.  You think of people quietly going about their business.  However, this past week, folks could not go to their cozy book nook.  (Eh, it’s late.)

Bookworms are always welcome at a central Pennsylvania library, but a different kind of critter has kept patrons away from the building for more than a week. The Allensville branch of the Mifflin County library has been closed since Feb. 10 because of the putrid smell from a skunk that may still be prowling among the stacks.

Library employees can’t find the skunk or get rid of the odor. Menno Township has enlisted a professional trapper to find it.

Supervisor Harold Johnson Jr. doubts the skunk is in the building. Johnson believes it was outside near a ventilation unit, which would explain why the smell is evident both inside and outside the library.

I bet if it is a girl skunk they could bring in this guy to try to lure her away:


5 thoughts on “The case of the sneaky skunk

  1. Please don’t post about hippopotamuses tomorrow RT. You said skunk and I ended up hitting one coming home from the store this afternoon. Don’t want a repeat performance tomorrow with a hippo or anything. 😀

  2. Snigs
    Oh, that must have smelled purty. Ewww! I’ll come up with a special post just for you for tomorrow. 🙂

    Out yonder? I ran over a huge possum in Northeast Philly back in the day. That sucker rolled around in my wheel well, rolled out, tumbled a bit, and took off down the street.

    No…it wasn’t a rat.

  3. Oh it did smell oh so purty at that. The husband asked if I wanted to drop him off at work or him drive…my answer- Drive carefully. KThxBai.

    Who’s the real stinker you reckon? 😉

  4. Put a little dry cat food in a humane trap,set where suspect skunk(or civet cat) is hangin out. Next morning call fire Dept. Request Haz-Mat team. OH yeah,varmints prefer Meow Mix, I’ve had lots of experience, havin outside cats.

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