No weigh-in, today….some other stuff instead


Calling to cancel a service…

Outsourced person named “Kathy”:  (Well, I couldn’t understand her that well, but I assume she was asking what she could do for me.)

Me:  Yes, I’d like to cancel my service.

“Kathy”:  Okay (that’s what it sounded like).  Blah, blah, blah (in a really high-pitched, rapid voice).  Then when she’s done saying that she’ll do it, she asks why.  (groan)

Me:  Because I don’t use it.

“Kathy”:  Why don’t you use it?

Me:  I just don’t use the service.  Please cancel it.

“Kathy”:  Did you experience any problems with the service?

Me:  No, I just want to cancel your service, because I don’t use it.

“Kathy”:  In a rapid, high-pitched voice from some outsourced place that makes it sound like she’s talking through a can and in very broken English then proceeds to say what services I can have if I don’t cancel.

Me:  Interrupting her several times to tell her I really, really, really want to cancel the service….

“Kathy”:  Never missing a beat,  finishes her list of things to say to a customer who wants to cancel her service says, “Your service will be cancelled as of February 25th.”


6 thoughts on “No weigh-in, today….some other stuff instead

  1. JohnD
    That, sir, is why I never had AOL. 🙂 My mom used to work in the credit card department of her bank and I used to hear about the hassles of quitting AOL.

    I honestly never used it. It was Rhapsody. I don’t own an MP3 player…never got around to it, and I wanted to replace what I was wasting money on with something else that I’ll use for about a year (a menu/meal planning service).

  2. It is bad enough just to have talk to someone in a call centre, but when it has been outsourced to somewhere like India it can be a nightmare. Bad lines and heavy accents abound, I was very pleased when my bank switched back to one based in Wales.

  3. DBA
    Exactly, because, “you” might not be completely up to speed on what will transpire and you need to really be able to understand the other person.

    They luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv you. HA!

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