Learning when it is not expected

a-asunnI was watching Charles Stanley tonight and he said something I’ve never thought about:  no two sunsets and sunrises are alike.  Their beauty is different every day.

He went on to talk about a stop on a trip he took with some friends.  There was a beautiful sunrise and one gentleman wanted his picture taken, because they were at the most northern (or western…can’t remember) spot in the U.S.  The man didn’t remark on the beauty of the sunrise, the scene or God’s creation; he just wanted to say he’d been to that spot and wanted a photo to document it.

Stanley then went on to talk about how people miss things in life, blessings God has for them because they are distracted by what they think is best for their lives.

People are just content to say, “I was there,” rather than turn around and look at the beauty of the scene and take it all in.

I definitely learned something in five minutes.  I was very distracted throughout the sermon, but the very end of it had my total attention.  That happens sometimes.

This is THE LINK for the sermon.  The part that I mention is from the very end after the sermon ends, called, “Looking through the lens.”


2 thoughts on “Learning when it is not expected

  1. It was a really nice ending to the sermon that was provided. Every day is a gift, but so is everything that God does when you align yourself with His will…it is the difference between just being happy to be there and being the victor.

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