Caption Contest

Pelosi just gives it to us on a silver platter, doesn’t she?  Provide your witty and entertaining captions.  I will post winners sometime Tuesday evening.  Have a great weekend!


THE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6.  Rick
Itsy Bitsy spider went up the water spot.

5.  Jeffro
My imaginary crystal ball says I will rule the world! Bwaaaa haaa haaa haaa!

4.  Wyatt Earp
Stars and stripes and nips and tucks.

3.  Diller
There’s a reason they call it………..The BIG”PELOSI”

2.  John D
Nancy Pelosi, street-name “Little P,” a member of the DC Dems, flashes a gang sign at reporters.

This week’s winner is. . .
1.  Les James
“The stimulus is only about this big around, so it shouldn’t hurt too much.”

Cowboy Blob

Family Security Matters

Gone Rick Motel

Intellectual Redneck (Big Bag of Wind)

Right Pundits

Rodney Dill


19 thoughts on “Caption Contest

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  2. This is the way I like to hold it,just the thumbs and finger tips,that way its not messy………..OF COURSE! I mean the Porkulus Sub Sandwich,served here in the Capital Cafe,Harry!……you old pervert!

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