Just stuff…as usual

heippa_kaikille21.  I have been on Facebook the past few days.  I looked up my high school.  It was neat to see pictures of folks with whom I went to school.  What was the coolest was seeing people with their kids and their spouses.  Just made me happy.  I saw one guy, all through school he was just a sad case at times.  I remember he was in one of my classes in elementary school.  We sometimes played games inside when the weather was bad.  One day we had to skip.  He couldn’t skip, and as kids are given to do, Darwinism kicked in.  I was bullied a lot and so was he.  Well, lo and behold on his Facebook picture….was a picture of him and his wife cutting their wedding cake.  How sweet!  I cannot tell you how happy I was to see it.

2.  I came across someone I grew up with in church and in school.  He lives in Nashville!  Ugh!  Had I only known when I went down there last summer.  I could have hung out with him and his wife.  Grrrr!  I remember one day at high school (both of us quite backslidden), in the smoking section, he asked, “D, when are you going to quit the life your living and go back to church?”  I said, “When I’m 40.”  It happened when I was 23.  By going back to church, he meant, going back to how I was raised.  I hope he’s found his way back to God.

Uh…guess that is it.  I’m sorry my posts have kind of sucked the past couple of days.  I’m sick.  Okay.  I’m going to go back to watching my holy rollin’ church-like television shows.


9 thoughts on “Just stuff…as usual

  1. Thanks. 🙂 I was just discussing with someone last week that I’ve made it this far without getting the crud. Friday….I got the crud.

  2. It needs to, doesn’t it? There are things in our past, but there are things we really need to place behind us. Sometimes it is hard, though.

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