Career suicide & caption winners…

Let’s say you are a cabinet member in Japan’s government.  Let’s say you go to the G-7 meetings.  What would be the dumbest thing you could do?  What’s that you say?  Take part in a press conference, drunk, you say?  THIS GUY is a dumbass.

If you’d like to see this week’s caption contest winners, CLICK HERE.  🙂


5 thoughts on “Career suicide & caption winners…

  1. Hey, I hope I’m not the first to tell you this, I saw your picture -the one in the side bar- hanging on a cubicle wall, on the TV Show Trust Me. And no, it didn’t have written on it, for a good time call…

    Yeah, just how drunk do you have to be, to not recognize your too drunk to be on camera, in a official capacity?

  2. Les
    I find most men feel that way about me, but that’s not me in the pic. I’m quite Anglo.

    Didn’t anyone try to stop the guy from drinking?

    I have a feeling he’ll be living a quiet, remote life.

    I’ve been there. It sucks. However, at least I’m not an important person.

    Maggie Mama
    That’s because they are drunk with power. They are also whores. I saw a picture today of Pelosi hugging the “finance” guy, Stanford, because he’d obviously funded some party or something at the DNC (he donated to Republicans, too). They just jump into the lap of anyone flashing the greenbacks, don’t they? Governmental lap dances…

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