Weighin’ In

a-car1I’m using the old scale for convenience.  I’m down five pounds from last Saturday; however, it is probably about three (given the difference in scales).  Fine with me, even though it is still no change from my “Monday” weight (so I’m just gonna go with the five).  It could be worse, I could have gained five pounds.  I’m trying to be positive about all of this.

I did my measurements this morning.  Since December, I’ve gone down an inch in my calves, thighs, and waist, and I’ve gone down two inches in my hips.  Yes, my chest had no loss.  (Insert inappropriate jokes HERE.)

I’m going to be tweaking my food a bit.  The one main difference between what Pinboy has suggested and what I was doing before I started going to him (and finding successful) is plant-based protein.  I will still eat meat, but I’ve swapped the beans and such for the meat and I’ve had a lot more ups than downs in the past few months.  This week, I ate a little  more fish and a lot more quinoa as a protein.  I didn’t gain or lose (remember my Monday weight).  So…I might be on to something.  I also think I’m getting a fair amount of muscle in my legs, which are pretty dense as it is.

Sorry this was a day late.  Valentine’s Day is enough emotional stuff for me, didn’t need to compound it with food stuff.

Hope you all have a successful week!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Weighin’ In

  1. I’m up half a pound. I am hoping that with things finally calm (no more death-watches, deaths, funerals, or 1200+ mile road trips) I can get back to normal.

  2. Wow! You’re doing great!

    If you’ve noticed, I’ve not been posting which should tell you a lot about how I’m doing!

    Depending upon whether the wife gets into a cooking mood (always) or not (seldom) I’ll bounce around the same 220 mark. A couple up or a couple down. She’s going away for a few weeks starting next Monday so I should be able to drop a few if I keep the snack foods out of the house and stock up on fruits.

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