A tantrum

When I was a little kid, maybe around five or so, I had a huge temper tantrum one night because I was hungry and wanted a snack.  My mom offered me bread and butter, but I didn’t want bread and butter.  I then proceeded to throw a full-out hissy fit about how I didn’t want bread and butter.  My mom tape-recorded that hissy fit.  She played it at a family gathering not long after.  While they all thought it was funny and they were laughing at me, I sat there and cried.  It was a mean thing to do.

Now, the woman in this clip has missed her plane from Hong Kong to San Francisco.  Her tantrum reminded me of my tantrum.  However, her hissy fit is freakin’ hilarious!  They do have other flights from Hong Kong to San Fran, right?  Heh.


9 thoughts on “A tantrum

  1. Woman: “I told you we should have left an hour earlier, but did you listen? Nooooo! You had to have your way and watch another episode of Big Brother and now look at us. Here we are stuck at the airport having missed a flight and no where to go!”

    Man: “I’m sorry, Honey. I thought you would want the extra time to fix your hair. That is why I sat down. I was just trying to give you the space and time you needed to look beautiful.”

    Woman: “So you are saying I’m an ugly hag without my hair and make-up done? That I need an HOUR to brush my hair? How can you be so mean to me! How can you just stand there and calmly say I look like a horrible monster?”

    Man: “I’m sorry, Love.”

    Woman: “Don’t sorry me. You’ve just completely and totally demoralized me in front of all these people. My heart is forever ripped from my body. I am just going to lay here and writhe in death throes since there is nothing left for me on this planet. WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!”

  2. NFO
    While I was far from spoiled, I did have a meltdown once in a while. They usually surrounded not wanting to go to bed (hyper child). Throughout that entire clip, all I can hear is the tantrum my mom recorded, “But, I don’t wannnnnnnnt bread and butterrrrrr!” Heh. Insert the sobs and gasps for breath, too. HA! (Most surely got my butt beat, too. Had lots of them.)

    Hmmm…you seem well-versed in this. Heh.

    Snigs & Kim
    It would be a more peaceful world if men just admitted that fact. Heh. (I am totally kidding….before I get hate mail.)

    Uh….they should have given her a cavity search. That would have adjusted her attitude right quick.

    You are welcome. 🙂 I did my job.

    I would have loved to have the translation of what she was saying.

    A time out in a nice padded room with a nice white jacket.

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